About SANESSS Edit

SANESSS is one of David Potato's friends (somehow..). SANESSS, also known as SASS or SANES, is the loudest character in the history of forever. He can be summoned by singing mogolovonio, but you should never summon SANESSS because your ears will fall off. He is one of the most powerful beings ever existed

Abilities Edit

SANESSS had a wide range of abilities:

  1. Dodging: you can hit him... like you just cant.
  2. BAD TOM: he can give people BAD TOMS.
  3. TOM BLASTER: He can kill you with his tom blasters
  4. Bone Gun: He can kill you with his Bone Gun.
  5. SSSSSAAAAAANNNNNNNNSSSSSS DAAAAANNNNCEEEEEEEEE: He dances while mogolovonio plays in the backround. The song will kill you.